Art of Inspiration.

Firstly let me clarify you Im not here to ‘Motivate’ you as I don’t believe in it, esp. when it is done by a third party.

Let me share some facts that I believe regarding this favorite topic of mine.

Dictionary meaning: To inspire is to stimulate, to provoke, to influence or to encourage.
The word inspiration or to Inspire is a very broad term, it has deep and quite reasonable logic. It is something related to human’s soul.

Motivating is encouraging people to initiate well by hook or by crook. While Inspiring is very voluntary i.e if you allow it to affect then nobody can stop and if you don’t wish then even God won’t help in that case. Inspiration can never be done by feeding lectures to anyone.

My personal definition:
I= Internal
N= Need
S= Satisfied by
P= Personal,
I= Intellectual and
R= Rigorous
E= Efforts

Isn’t it??

Inspiration never demands a person standing before you shouting at you to wake up and join the world racing away. It is purely an internal calling, a thing that provokes your conscience.

Let me take some nice examples:

A poet: Inspired to write poems by nature, love or maybe sorrows.
A kid: Inspired to become just like his Parents.
A Nun: Inspired to preach for God and serve society with utmost purity.

Were the three above asked by someone to do such tasks?
Answer is,”No they were not!”
Anything related to human soul is so deep that it makes a huge impact on his actions, lifestyle and most probably the character.

I’m sure all of you must have read about The Great King Robert Bruce and the spider. God has made this world so complex but beautiful that anything can teach you so much about life. Even a colorful butterfly can tell you what freedom is.

My motive behind this post it to let you think yet one more time (maybe if you have done that already.)
This term now-a-days is synonym to life. Life sometimes gets so gloomy, sad and tiring that we need a guiding beacon that could help our ship lost in the big ocean named life. Open up your mind and be ready for things to teach you what life is. Ego is not a good option.

I’m ending this post with a quote:
To find what you seek in the road of life,
the best proverb of all is that which says:
“Leave no stone unturned.”

Thank You,